What is the Burner Broadcast?

Part journalism, part adventure, and part unbridled narcissism, the Burner Broadcast is a blog aimed at informing the global Burner community through news coverage, interviews, and personal perspectives. Herr Hare, a longtime event volunteer and theme camp organizer, will contribute his (and by that I mean mine, because there’s no one else here) personal experience and boundless wisdom, that all may listen and nod their heads.

Disagreement is strictly prohibited, and will result in Herr Hare adding your camp to next year’s Shirtcockers’ Bar Crawl.

All opinions expressed are strictly those of the author and do not represent the beliefs of the Burning Man Project. Any advice written in these articles should be taken with a grain of salt, particularly any that involve rope, an art car, and a pair of roller blades.

Burn well.